Saturday, May 7, 2011

Little Rough and A Lot Further

This time out, I went a lot further....6.39 miles further. The weather was nice and warm with a bit of a breeze. I started off in the same location I did before. It's nice to start their because then I can go a gentle pace while I warm up. I did some research from some of the training videos that I found and adjusted my kayak's seat and foot pegs. I could tell my speed was a bit faster and the kayak went a lot straighter. Here are some pictures before I left the harbor just to show the brightness of the day and a different photo of the light house.

The water doesn't look bad out in Lake Winnebago but looks can be deceiving.

I went back in the same creek that I was before and traveled all the way till I had to portage the kayak. I decided not to portage because I also wanted to check out the other creek on the other side of the park.

Just passed my last point and am making it to the bridge.

 I saw a nice little family of ducks on the way to the bridge. The little guy in back was having a hard time keeping up with the family.

 Do you think I could squeeze my kayak through that? I think not....besides, to shallow.

This was as far as I could go without portaging the kayak. I thought about it for a long time and decided to head back. The creek is a little rocky till you get to the other side of the bridge and then it is good again.

These were the last photos while on the lake. When I tried making it back, the water was to rough for me to try to take any pictures.

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