Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back for Pictures in the Backwaters

I told you that I was going to go back and this time I brought the camera. I saw so many cool things and was able to only take a picture of a fraction of the stuff I saw. From The Water: I saw a doe, bird with a fish in it's mouth, and I also came across some long legged birds hiding in the tall grass.

The entire trip was awesome and very relaxing and here are the pictures that I was going to share:

 The Momma and her Babies came to see me off. It also looks like the female also took in a straggler, as one of her little ones seem to be smaller than the rest.

Look very closely to this picture. Do you see a fish jumping out of the water. It was a miracle that I was able to catch this fish in mid-flight.

I uploaded  a video after taking this picture. It was purely amazing to be on the water and see this site.

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