Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Say goodbye to the warm weather and embrace the cold

Winter is upon us so what can we do to prepare for the kayaking season next year?
1) Make the rounds at the gym to work on your endurance and stamina.
2) Keep the healthy habits of stretching before paddling and just stretch to stay limber.
3) Maintain the healthy diet you have been to keep your energy levels up.
4) Keep an eye out for great deals for kayaking equipment.


Find a very nice sledding hill and keep kayaking during the winter. This winter I plan on going on the Buttermilk Creek Hill in Buttermilk Creek Park, Fond du Lac, WI. I have been down that hill many times and its a great safe hill for kids and adults. I plan on going on that hill a few times this winter and embrace the snow kayaking experience.

Once I have scheduled the time to hit the hill, I will keep everyone posted on the experience and fun.

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