Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The "Backwaters" of Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac has been a place where I have explored many new locations to kayak and and enjoy the outdoors. With the help of my little map on google, I noticed a couple of rivers to trek up but when I accidentally zoomed in further, I noticed this fine line of water. It’s called Taycheedah Creek.

Beautiful little creek especially right after spring. It’s a narrow creek about 12 feet wide. It was enough space for me to turn my 9.5 feet kayak around to go back for pictures. It’s also very shallow, about 1-3 feet deep. The dimensions are not the reason why I have written about this creek though. The reason why I focused on this site was because of the simple fact that not too many people know about it nor pay any attention to it as a possible place to kayak. I was shocked when I asked a kayaking friend of mine if they have ever been in the back water and they just looked at me. “You know, Taycheedah Creek?” I got nothing but a deer in the headlight look from them.
See something jumping out of the water?

This little spot of water holds a “Hall of Nature” feel to me. After I came in the west side of the creek I had a view from the water that looked like looking down a hall to a very large mansion. This hall held some beautiful images of nature than couldn't be held in a frame.
During the full trek, there is one place where a kayak might get hung up for a little bit, where the two creeks intersect, but nothing a little scooting couldn't handle.

I highly recommend exploring the creek that intersects with Taycheedah Creek if for nothing else, just to see the different area and experience the little babbling brook at the end of it. Just make sure your kayak is small enough to turn around, otherwise you will be paddling backwards instead.

The Taycheedah Creek is an amazing little backwater to paddle down. You can witness wildlife such as deer, ducks, cranes and much more in this little place that is right on the southern side of Lake Winnebago. I highly encourage any novice to come down and get your feet wet in this little area.

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