Friday, May 13, 2011

Tons of Fish My Way

This trip was really nice, I wasn't able to go as far as I wanted to but I was able to see a lot of wild life. 

On my way out of Lakeside Park, I saw hundreds of little fish jumping and going crazy. They were all over the place. I had one bounce off of the bow of my kayak and while I was paddling I was hitting a few of them with every stroke.

I also saw some "otters" or large muskrats on shore and in the water. One of them was eating a fish that it caught. As I was making it further up the river, I was really feeling the current and it was as if it was pulling me up because I was going pretty fast and maintaining the speed. I met a few people up the river and they were all polite to say hi. Next time I am going to keep going up the river until I can't go any further.

I got a late start but I was still able to be in the water for 1hr and 45 mins and burn 953 calories. The total trip was about 5.5miles. I got back to the dock around 8:30 which was pretty dark. I might want to get some lights for the boat...

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