Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lake Flies and Diving Ducklings

May 19th I took my kayak out to do some exploration on the Fond du Lac River. The Lake Flies were out in full force. I was keeping my head down while I was getting out of the park, but was slightly disturbed by the pesky bugs. 

The pictures above where taken on Lake Winnebago before I entered the Fond du Lac River.

I went West heading towards the Adelaide Park. I took a few photos of the area, but the coolest thing about that area was with how many fish that were there. There were a lot of fish moving around because of my presence. The water got very shallow but I was able to skim around pretty good. At times the water was 12 inches deep or less so my paddling turned into more of just pushing.

This was the  entrance to the area. Shortly after this photo was taken a fish, that must have been laying in front of me, slowly moved around stirring up the water. It must have been a good size because the current that it was making was slow but powerful, which tells me it had a big tail.

Here are some photos of the area just to show the sides of this little area before I make it further in and take the little creek forward. As I kept going in deeper and deeper, more fish stirred up and I can tell that this area would have been a great spot for fishing.

This was the farthest I could go without portaging it.

I was on my way out and took a few more photos

On my way out, I saw a family of ducks and 6 or so ducklings. One of the little guys made a dash for the lake while the family was crossing the river. The female couldn't keep a grip on the little one and also stay with the other ducklings so she stayed with the ducklings. I paddled over to try to divert the little guy back to momma and he submersed under. I thought a fish or otter got a hold of him but then he popped up about 20 seconds later and over 40 feet away. I was impressed. Not knowing what was going on, I went over to check him out and then he went under again and later popped up further yet. So I realized he was just protecting himself and I left him alone. 

I took a couple pictures of the sunset before I made my way back to the park. The water was just glass. The bugs still sucked......but the water was great.

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