Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Almost Made It Through

This run was fun but late. I will have to get or make some lights for the boat. I paddled all the way up stream on the West Fond du Lac River. I was able to get to a bend where a tree has fallen over creating a narrow passage for the water to flow. When I got to the head of that current, I was standing still. The water was shallow so I was not able to get full thrust to get myself over the "hump". I then later gave up to fight it another day. It was starting to get dark and I still had 3 miles to go to get back to the park. When I got to the lake I really started to get concern because I didn't have a light on the boat so I was keeping look out for any moving boats.

I was able to get back safely, but I am going to get some kind of lighting before I do that again.

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