Sunday, May 29, 2011

Passed The Hump In The River

So the trip started out the same way as last time but just a smidgen sooner. I started taking photos of the river much later on once I started to get close to the hump in the river. 

This water was calm as calm can be until I tried taking some photos and created the ripples in the water.

Up ahead is a large rock in the water that was causing the disturbance. The current was starting to pick up as I kept getting closer and closer to the convergence ahead.

This was the rough spot before the convergence ahead. See the tree that is in the water ahead, that's what's causing the convergence. 

The gap in the middle of the picture is where I came through. The current was pretty strong there, but the water was higher so I was able to get some good grip with my paddles.

As you can see, the rest of trip south was going against some good current. It was none stop and if I would stop for a short while, I would find myself going backwards. Just past the bridge up ahead was where I had to stop do to the water being to shallow.

You can see that the water goes up in the distance there which is where I stopped because the water was about 6" at most so I was not able to get the paddle deep enough in the water to really propel myself further.

After I stopped, I cruised down the river until I made it past that large rock in the water so then I began to paddle. It was a good trip and I was able to burn 1600plus calories doing it.

I will tell you one thing. I love kayaking. It is a great stress relief to get in touch with nature. I have seen many things and heard many things. This last trip I saw a kid hunting for carp with a bow and showing me what he already caught with his bow......large crappy.

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