Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crawfish Hunting For My Girls

So do you remember me mentioning before about the portion of the West Fond Du Lac river that I wanted to keep in mind for the future? Well, it's the future now. I went back up that way to find some crawfish for my girls. They wanted something different in the fish tank and the crawfish was a good idea. I was able to catch 4 of them but in the end, I only kept 1 little guy.

My girls were so happy about that. After having the little guy for a few days, the tank started getting some algae growing on it so I bought a plecostomus. The bad thing about this little guy was the fact that the crawfish, who is very little and no bigger than the plecostomus, ate him within three days of having him. I knew that crawfish would eat them but I was hoping that the plecostomus would try to stay away from him. I guess I need to get a bigger one next time.......much bigger.

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