Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Nice Back Waters Isn't So Nice...Anymore

I thought it would be nice to go and visit the backwaters again and see how it progresses during the warmer times of the year. If you remember what it was before, backwaters, it was nice and clear of debris and a real pleasure to go back there.......boy, do I wish I had my camera. A lot has grown and more stuff floating in the waters back there. I saw at least 4 dead crappies and the branches that were hanging in the water before......had a lot more leaves on them. 

The smell also got worse and at some points it was difficult to paddle because of the weeds and growth. I will have to go back there again in the fall and see what it's like. Hopefully, it is more clear and and pleasant again. 

OH!!!! If you are afraid of spiders, don't go under the tunnel that I was under in my photos of past. I counted in the area of 40 plus spiders all about a quarters size.

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