Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Southern Wisconsin River Trip

How can I describe this trip in a reasonable size web page? Your guess is as good as mine. So keep reading and see how well I do.

I started this trip from Lone Rock, WI and went East, against the current, and ended up just shy of Spring Green, WI. The current was strong and if I figured correctly, the current was going about 2-3mph because I was going about a mile an hour. Sad, right? I marked out the trip on sportypal.com and it looked like this.

The start and end markers are reversed.

The reason why I went up against the current on Saturday was because I didn't want to have to depend on anyone picking me up at the end of the trek. I wanted to go as far as I can and then coast back down the next day. I'm glad I did this because when I came back down I didn't feel like I was in a rush and had to be back at my car at a certain time.

What did I do to get ready for this trip? Here is the research that I did which helped a lot.

DNR Visitors Article:

Sleeping Bag
Frying Pan

Water Bottles (gal)
Green Beans


Flow Rate:

Launch Point:

Here are some more pictures of the trip on the way to the island.

After I got on the island I pulled my kayak on the short and fell over into the water. Two guys on the other side of the island thought I died and then noticed that I was moving. I was so beat and wanted to get out of the sun and cool down. The water was very refreshing and completely refreshing. The current wasn't refreshing but it was a nice sensation with the cool water to help cool me down.

Here is a picture of my camp site:

The night was a little cool so a sleeping bag was worth having. The night was so quiet and peaceful......no words could best describe it.

So then the morning came early because I was excited to start the day with a great breakfast.....bacon, eggs and bagels all fried together......can we say heart attack.......but it was worth it.

The river level dropped 12 inches during the night. I was warned to be careful where you camp because the water can raise or lower 12 inches in the night or throughout the day. If you are not careful then your kayak or even your tent might sail down the river without you knowing it so either way, make sure you tie your kayak to your tent.

So after a good hardy breakfast, Ron and Hill wanted to hit the water. So I stowed all of my stuff back into the kayak and we went down the river. Since I went against the current for about 5 hours the day before, going down the river was awesome and very relaxing.


 I could have taken pictures none stop this way because I hardly had to work. We just tried to keep our boats straight and let the current take us down the river.

This was a great trip and I look forward to doing it again this year before it gets to cold and the nice thing about this whole trip. It only costed me food and gas.....nothing else.

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