Friday, August 26, 2011

Family time is the most important time

I have other articles that I wanted to write about, but this was one topic I wanted to bump to the top of the list. Spending time with family is so very important and teaching them ways to enjoy the outdoors is also very important. I try to show my kids that you can enjoy the outdoors by simply going out and looking around.

Today, we went out to the rest area on highway 45 which is on the west side of Lake Winnebago. The water out there is very shallow, 18'-24" deep, and warm. We saw a lot of seaweeds but my kids didn't mind walking through that since being in the water brought them closer to finding shells to take home. At first I pulled them, while being in my kayak, to the island where they got out and we walked around the island a couple of times to pick up shells. I thought they would be disgusted of the seaweeds but they thought it was cool and same as walking through tall grass. Both of them found a lot of shells and my oldest found one shell intact and it had a guest hiding inside of was a crayfish. We all laughed after seeing that.

My kids were so proud of what they found, just look, they have a permanent smile in all of the pictures. The sun was out this day and we enjoyed the calm protection from the wind and waves.
Then, to end the trip, my kids enjoyed paddling the kayak like a canoe. We also ended up at a friends house who lives just a couple of doors down from the island. But the best part of the trip was walking around the island look for shells and anything else that came across our path.

When having kids, it's best to show them the world and teach them all that is out there and everything you know. Our kids are our future and its best to show them everything you know, because if you don't.....who would you want to do it then?

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