Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away.......Please?

I entered the water at the Hwy 45 Rest Area on the west side of the lake. I then made my way up north to the next island on the west side of the lake. I looked around the island but the bugs on it were pretty thick so I stayed in the water. I then started my way back and realized that behind me was a dark cloud slowly coming closer. I tried to paddle as fast as I could but I was about 1000 feet away from the landing when the wind really picked up and the waves started to get bigger. Luckily I was going with the wind, as you can see in the red, I was going the fastest at a point before the island closest to the landing. 
I was a good trip and I got a little wet while putting my kayak back on my car. After the to trek I wanted to end the night with some nice sushi from Festival Foods. They have the best sushi in the area that is quick to grab.....very fresh.

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