Monday, September 12, 2011

Slowly out paddling with a friend and trying a Sit-On-Top Kayak

Went out with a friend for some mild paddling. We spent the time talking about some of the little water inlets on the lake and checked out one to see where it would go.

It's nice to spend time on the water with no agenda or goal or anything else driving you to be out their. Just sitting out on the water and listening to the waves splash and the peace and quiet that it brings, is just enough to relax from a day at work.

My friend let me take his Sit On Top 14' kayak out for a try and I will tell you one thing.....I have a completely new appreciation for Sit On Tops. It was easy to get into and you didn't have to worry about tipping over as much as a Sit Inside kayak. 

If you look at the lower part of my trek, I was all over the place. I wanted to test out the boat for speed and riding true. That boat went straight and it was faster than on my own boat. In my boat, I sit lower in the water which cause a lot of drag. When I sit in the longer kayak, it doesn't sit as low in the water which creates less drag.....even though it is probably displacing almost as much water it has less drag. Either way, it's a great boat and highly recommend one.

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  1. I preferred a Sit-On-Top when I started kayaking. I remember my first trip on the kayak. It felt comfortable for a big guy like me. I didn’t have to worry about tipping over because it had an open deck, so I wouldn't have a hard time getting myself out of it. Now, kayaking is always on my list during vacations! It's a great recreational activity.

    - Darius Cartmell