Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lets see what happens

I went out onto the water with on thing in try out a 12' kayak and compare it to a 9.5' kayak. With my surprise, the boat handled extremely well. It was easy to turn around for it's size. The one thing that really sold me on the boat was the ability for it to go straight and fast with the same amount of effort as if I was paddling my own kayak.

The boat also did a great job with the 'slightly' larger waves because it was a little wavy. The bow broke the waves and kept me dry...for the most part because the waves were pretty large and now and then a wave would make it's way into the kayak. Before I was able to make it to the Fond du Lac River, I had to empty it out because the boat stopped bobbing up and down.

With that said, I was very happy with that type of boat and my next kayak will be a 12 footer because though I love to have the ability to go anywhere with my kayak, I do like the ability to take long distant trips with the same amount of effort as if I was taking a short trip with my kayak. 

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