Sunday, October 16, 2011

Have fun on the water but do it safely

Children grow up so quickly so I had to upgrade my kid's life jackets to something a little bit bigger. I went to FleetFarm and they still have a good selection of life jackets so I was able to find some that fit. I tried to find some that match so they were wearing the same color, but beggars can't be choosers.

It's very important to wear a jacket when kayaking, canoeing or doing any kind of boating. You never know what might happen, that a jacket might save your life. Whenever I tell my parents about my various trips, they always have to get that parental comment in of, "Did you wear a life jacket?" My comment back, as juvenile as it may be, is "No ma, I actually floated the entire trip upside down and smacking my head on every rock possible." She knows my sarcasm very well and would respond with, "Good to hear, I love you, you know that."

I believe it is located in the parental contract that the "Parent shall nag, bother and repeat parental comments to make sure that there child is save and alive." I know, because being a single parent, it is always on my mind.

One thing I will stress about getting the right life jacket, always read the instructions and buy accordingly to the weight restrictions. Even if they can still fit them, if they are to heavy that jacket will do nothing for saving their life in the time of need. A life jacket is an insurance policy. Even though you might never use it as it is intended, it will work to save your life when it is needed.

I wish everyone a SAFE trip out on the water.

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