Monday, July 4, 2011

Went a Little Further This Time

So, Walleye Weekend is still going on and I don't have access to my boat landing. So I went to Supple Marsh to put the boat in. There is a little bridge that connects that marsh to the river and it is approximately 2 feet tall and posses a little challenge to get under to the other side, but I like a challenge.

I took the river up as I normally do and once I got to the rocks that stopped me before, I got out and went for a little walk. While I was walking up the river I noticed a lot of crawfish and thought I would keep a mental note for my girls in the future. I got back into the boat and continued on further but not for long. I then turned back at Siemor Road.

On my way back, it started getting a little dark but not too dark that I needed lights. I still need to create some kind of lighting system that is very compact and concealable. 

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